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What is ZATCA?

E-invoicing is essential in the hospitality sector. The rules, however, differ from nation to nation. And now I’ll talk about one such Saudi Arabian implementation of e-invoicing. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) announced in December 2020 that e-invoicing would become essential in Saudi Arabia as of December 4, 2021. 

Where It Is Used?

The regulations detailing the terms, conditions, and requirements linked to e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia were then issued by ZATCA on May 28, 2021. And recently, everyone has been talking about this entire circumstance. While many hotels and restaurants in KSA are starting all new procedures to follow the most recent guidelines, many people are confused.

Rules & Regulations

Do not worry if you are unaware of all the events surrounding the introduction of e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia. You can learn all the ins and outs from this blog. E-invoicing: What is it? ZATCA e Invoicing methods. Will implementation help the hospitality industry? 


The Implementation of E-Invoicing and Requirements implementation stages. How can hotels abide by this? How Can eZee Aid You in Maintaining Complaint? E-invoicing: What is it? After learning about the implementation of e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia, I’m sure this is one of the questions you must be considering. So let me to further explain that.


E-invoicing is a billing method or process used by businesses (in this case, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments) to present and keep track of transactional papers between buyers and sellers. 


An integrated electronic solution is used throughout the entire procedure. Additionally, it is employed to guarantee the business agreements’ terms. Additionally, an electronic invoice has organized data and can be instantly integrated into accounting software, doing away with the need for manual data entry. How Will ZATCA E-Invoicing Benefit the Hospitality Industry? Restaurants and hotels are primarily transactional enterprises.

Traditional Use

Additionally, with all the traditional means of billing or invoicing, there are times when keeping track of finances is particularly difficult. For instance: Traditional invoicing has always been used by Café Red. 

Frequently Question Ask

However, they have recently increased their business. Meaning that a greater percentage of customers are now entering their cafés. Do you now believe that manually processing hundreds or thousands of invoices each month is doable? Consider how difficult the financial audits will be as well. It is essential to track finances properly for a hospitality business to run smoothly and adhere to local customs. And here is where electronic invoicing enters into the picture.

The New Technology

With the new ZATCA regulations in effect, things will improve for restaurants and lodging providers. The introduction of e-invoicing will assist hotels in getting rid of time-consuming, error-prone traditional paper-based invoicing. 

Need Of Invoicing

With e-invoicing, there is no need for manual keying because all the financial information can be mapped directly into the invoicing system. In other words, hotels can have the comprehensive management data they require to grow their businesses, increase their profitability, and maintain their competitiveness. The major advantages of electronic invoicing are speedy processing, reduced errors, low administration costs, automated payments, traceability, etc.


The requirements and implementation process for electronic invoicing. ZATCA has published notes on the whole shebang of e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia in order to make the implementation process as seamless as feasible. 


All the details are spelled out in the release. Let’s handle all of them. the phased approach to implementation There are two phases to the e-invoicing implementation. Additionally, the dates of both phases allow hotels and restaurants plenty of time to smoothly work toward them. Phase One (generation phase), which begins on December 4, 2021

Easy For Taxpayers

During this stage, taxpayers (hospitality enterprises) must begin creating electronic invoices and storing them in systems that are compliant. Beginning January 1, 2023, Phase Two (the integration phase): Taxpayers (hospitality enterprises) are given instructions to integrate ZATCA with their e-invoicing systems for this phase. 

KSA Applicable

How can hoteliers adhere to Saudi Arabia’s phase one e-invoicing implementation? I’ll give you some advice on how to stay in compliance with KSA’s “phase one” of e-invoicing now that it’s already operational. 1. Use an e-invoicing system compliant with ZATCA. The first and primary action that hotels must do is to set up an e-invoicing system that complies with the first phase’s specifications. Hotels can’t do that, though.

Technical Use

Therefore, the technical team for internally developed solutions or the solution provider for the hospitality industry largely fulfills the technical criteria.  As an illustration, if you own a restaurant, you can ask the company that provides your POS system to assist you in finding an e-invoicing solution that complies with all ZATCA criteria. You can also get in touch with your hotel management solutions provider if you own a hotel. 2. 

Keep Record

Produce and keep electronic invoices. As previously stated, phase one involves creating and storing electronic invoices. because customers are no longer expected to complain about manual and handwritten invoicing. Hotels must therefore begin implementing it while adhering to the most recent ZATCA rules.


The tax invoice’s component parts must all be satisfied. Next, ZATCA claims that there are no particular file formats required for the first phase. However, in addition to Ensuring that all fields on the invoice are compliant with VAT requirements.

Buyers & Sellers

If the buyer is a registered VAT payer, the tax invoice will include their VAT number. You may also include a QR code (optional). streamlined tax invoice The ZATCA-compliant e-invoicing device at the hotel must provide a required QR code. 

Useful For Hotels & Restaurants

Your hotel and restaurants can use eZee to stay compliant with KSA’s e-invoicing regulations. eZee is a top provider of hospitality tech solutions and has more than ten years of extensive experience in the field. collaborated with several hospitality businesses from all around the world over the years. 


In the midst of Saudi Arabia’s continuing e-invoicing frenzy, eZee has something fresh in the works. eZee has updated its hospitality management software to be ZATCA compliant so that Saudi Arabia’s newest e-invoice laws are followed by the country’s hotels and restaurants. 

QR Available

Meaning that using the E-Invoice QR Reader KSA app, lodging providers and eateries in Saudi Arabia may now create and save complaint electronic tax invoices directly from eZee’s hotel management system and restaurant POS software.

Multiple Functions & Features

How does it function? The bills produced when you set up your company with compliant electronic invoicing will feature a QR code (which is mandatory for simplified tax invoices). The following application is named QR Reader KSA. 

Bill Details

All of the bill details will be displayed after you scan the QR code using this app. There is one more thing you need to remember. When a QR code is scanned on a simplified tax invoice, certain fields must be displayed as required: vendor’s name (hotel, restaurant, or any other hospitality business, in this case). 

VAT Benefits

The seller’s VAT registration number. e-invoice timestamp, VAT total, e-invoice, or credit/debit note total (with VAT),  Conclusion, Regardless of the industry, e-invoicing is a fantastic way to handle a business’s financial obligations. not only that, but This is also a great way to start using automation, as I mentioned above. Automation is also GREAT. 

Full Useful

No contest! It’s satisfying just to consider sending and receiving invoices straight from the hotel PMS, and that too without mistakes. Now that Saudi Arabia has updated its ZATCA e-invoicing regulations, it is crystal evident that the country supports the hotel industry (or pro-business you can say). 


Hotels must therefore ignite the process and work toward e-invoicing compliance. Additionally, if you ever find yourself stuck or your current solution providers aren’t very helpful, you can always contact us.

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