Why There is a Need for Ruggedized Laptops for Hospitals and Healthcare?

Digitalization has modernized every aspect of a human life and hospitals are no exception. The effective management and coordination of patient flow, hospital care, clinical decision support, linkage of emergency department to wider healthcare community, clinical documentation and many more facilities have been eased with the digitalization. The more computers are becoming mandatory for day-to-day operations of a hospital, the more essential it has become to improvise its features. The foray of ruggedized devices in the healthcare industry is an exemplar of digital inevitability. This article features that details how a rugged notebook or military grade tablet can amplify the hospital functionality.

A hospital can be a demanding environment where the movement of computers and tablets are bound to happen frequently. Let us go through some of the scenarios where the ruggedized device comes in handy.

  1. At the hospitals

As the hospitals are becoming more and more paper free, the demand for a tablet to enter patient records is on high. Carrying a tablet around can reduce the manual work and saves time. There are situations where doctors often require information about the patient’s ailment history and prescribed medicines. A single touch on the laptop can list out all the information. The foray of these devices has considerably reduced the burden of a health care professional. However, the chances of dropping and spilling chemicals may shorten the gadget life. Here is where a military grade tablet serves its benefit. The high ingress protection ratings and MIL standards protects it from drops, shocks and vibrations and it is dust and waterproof.

  1. Emergency medical services

Emergency medical responder’s team relies significantly up on rugged notebooks or military grade devices. The longer battery life and the excellent wireless connectivity make it an ideal gadget for emergency medical helps. The team can connect to a wider healthcare community for clinical advice and access the patient’s details in case the situation is worse. Rugged notebook’s toughened physical features as well as increased battery life and remote connectivity enhances the service of an emergency medical team.

  1. Patient access

The hospitals today are depending upon the gadget to enable one-time entry. This may require the patients to fill out questionnaires and acknowledge any consent demanded by the physicians. There are chances of mishandling of devices by the weak patients resulting in the total damage of the device. A military grade device can be a safe bet in these situations as it can withstand any accidental falls or spillages.

  1. At the laboratories

The usage of non-rugged devices at the hospital laboratories can be extremely risky as there are chances of gadgets to be exposed to harmful chemicals and biological substances. The water proof tested tough touch pads of a rugged laptop not only protects the laptop of liquid spillage but also enables the workers to continue the emergency works without worrying of any damage.

The rugged devices are the best investments in healthcare industry as these devices enhances the overall medical experiences by streamlining the treatment processes and making the patients more comfortable.

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