Where is the Alternative Download Place Other Than The Play Store?

There are many reasons why the Android app or game you want isn’t available on the Google Play Store. One of the most common is the region factor where certain apps are only available for use in certain regions or countries.

The good news is, there are quite a few sites out there that provide Android apps or games that aren’t on the Play Store, including those that have been affected by the region blocking. Here are some of the best Play Store alternative sites for downloading APKs that you can visit.

1. APKMirror
APKMirror is probably the best APK download site right now. How not, this site is managed by one of the most popular Android news sites, Android Police. So for security matters, APKMirror is included in the guaranteed category.
APKMirror even has a policy of allowing modded or pirated versions of APK files, not to be available on their site. For each application that you want to download, you can download the previous version, view information is taken directly from the Google Play Store, and download other related applications.

2. APKPure
One of the most popular competitors for APKMirror is APKPure. Just like APKMirror, APKPure has strict security policies to make sure the APK files you download are safe and virus-free. APKPure uses SHA1 to ensure that each app’s certification is secure.
Then, there is also a “cryptography” check to find out whether the old version of the APK file also came from the same developer, or was infiltrated by a fake developer. For others, APKPure takes screenshots, app descriptions, and more directly from Google Play Store.

APK-DL may not be as popular as APKMirror or APKPure, but when it comes to file security and application completeness, this site is one of the best. All applications and games provided by this site are all taken directly from Google Play, so security is guaranteed and there is no mod version or a paid version that can be downloaded for free. APK-DL is so comprehensive that you can completely switch from the Google Play Store to use this site as your primary place to get Android apps and games.

4. Aptoide
Aptoide is the next largest APK file download site, with more than 200 million users and 6 billion downloads when it first launched. Just like APKPure, this site offers its own app that allows you to access it and download APK files directly from your phone.
The company that makes Aptoide is also known for its blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Aptoide has tokens called AppCoins which can increase their income in addition to other uses.

5. Yalp Store
Next is a bit different. Yalp Store is not a web-based site but an application that, when installed on your cellphone, can be used to download APK files directly from the Google Play Store. Therefore, the security of the downloaded APK file is guaranteed and can be guaranteed to be free of malware and viruses.

The interesting thing is, you can download as many apps/games as you want without having to log in to a Google account. Plus, cellphones that are already in root mode can get more benefits through the application. Yalp Store, which is also one of the best alternatives, can be downloaded and installed via F-Droid.

6. APKMonk
APKMonk is an APK download site that is no less popular. This site focuses on games, with the start page immediately showing you which games are trending and currently being played a lot. APKMonk is classified as safe because it runs its malware check before entering the application into its site.

Apart from that, APKMonk also has another version of the app on offer, metadata fetched directly from the Google Play Store and links back to the app on the Play Store. This is quite recommended.

7. APKHere
APKHere is an APK download site that is suitable for downloading APK files that are not available on the Play Store because they have foreign languages. Of course, APKHere has plenty of English-language apps, but through this, you can find others in German, Chinese, Russian and more.

For security, APKHere is still in the guaranteed category for some of its applications. Why is that, because countries like Russia and China aren’t known for strong security and privacy practices, so it’s a good idea to remain cautious and download wisely.

That was the review of the best alternative APK download site for the Google Play Store that is guaranteed to be safe. For additional protection, according to downloading the APK file you want, you can use MetaDefender or VirusTotal to check whether there are viruses or malware contained in the APK file that you download.

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