What Is The Best Facebook Video Downloader Online?

Zuckerberg invented a great social media platform but made it extremely difficult to download media from it. We are all aware of the difficulties Facebook has faced, not to mention how they have experimented with monetizing video content shared on the platform. Due to these difficulties, downloading content is a tough one, so the hunt for the best Facebook video downloaders begins. 

So, are you looking for the best tool available online to help you save Facebook videos for your offline viewing pleasure? And then this article is for you. Here, we introduce our best Facebook video downloader online software, you can play any video offline for free and share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.

About FDownloader

FDownloader is a free web-based tool that allows you to download your favorite Facebook videos to your computer, tablet, or smartphone and watch them later without internet access. This tool does not require you to install any software or applications on your computer or mobile device. The best thing about FDownloader is it allows you to pick up any web browser to download videos in high-quality or standard quality. Our Facebook video downloader online also supports converting Facebook videos to audio MP3 files.

All you need is the link to the video you want to download and all the processing will be done for you from our side, so you just need to click to save the video to your device. This tool is always available online and can be used at any time without any restrictions or limitations. You also do not need to register on our website to start using it. So, enjoy downloading your favorite videos using an easy-to-use online web interface.

Why use our Facebook video downloader?

You know FB is the most popular social network right? And there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that: there are countless opportunities to entertain, educate, grow your business and reach new audiences, and simply make new friends from all over the world. One can imagine the amount of content (Facebook videos, images, live streams, etc) here for inspiration, motivation, entertainment or learning! 

It would be perfect if Facebook videos could be saved offline so you don’t lose them and explore the content in your free time without going back to the platform. Downloading photos from Facebook is much easier, but saving videos on Facebook is more of a problem. The platform itself doesn’t have any tools to download Facebook videos, but I know a way out the best Facebook video downloader online tool FDownloader, which is very convenient to use. So, why not use it!

The best features of FB video downloader

  • You can download videos in different formats and sizes
  • 100% free safe and secure
  • It has a preview option
  • Supports any operating system and any web browser
  • Compatible with all the devices: smartphone, PC, or tablet
  • Unlimited Facebook video downloader
  • No need to download third-party applications
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Download Facebook live videos
  • And much more

How to use Facebook video downloader online

If you’re looking to save videos from Facebook? Want to download Facebook videos online? Why install extra software on your device just to download videos from Facebook. Instead, why not use the best online video downloader app to download and save all your videos? don’t worry. 

Our simple tool FDownloader can help you quickly. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may be able to download videos as quickly as possible. Our Facebook video downloader online does not store any copies of videos downloaded from Facebook. It is safe to use and gives the best results. So, let’s see how to download videos from Facebook to your computer or mobile device that we can also watch offline.

Steps to download videos using the Facebook video downloader online

Here are the steps to download videos from Facebook using FDownloader: 

Step 1: First open the Facebook on your mobile device or PC

Step 2: Go to the search bar and search for the video you want to download on your device

Step 3: Select the video and copy the video link

  • On your mobile, click the share icon on the right-top corner and select the “Copy Link” option. Your video link will copy to your clipboard
  • On your PC, copy the long URL directly from the address bar or click on the share button and go through the option and choose the “Copy Link” button

Step 4: Now go to your web browser and find the FDownloader web page

Step 5: Paste the copied link into the textbox at the top of the web page

Step 6: Then click the “Download” button

Step 7: You can see a preview of your video and from the options below that, you can select the video quality you want to download

  1. Download HD video
  2. Download SD video
  3. Download Audio

Step 8: Choose the video format and click the “Download” button again

After you complete the above steps, your video will be downloaded to your personal computer or mobile phone within a few minutes. Videos are downloaded to pre-selected folders. They are set by the browser you use to download the video. If you want to change the folder, check your browser settings and you can choose the folder where the downloaded videos are stored. Or, you can simply move the downloaded videos from the predefined folders into any folder you want.


Facebook started as an online tool to connect with your friends and family from anywhere in the world. It has now become a giant in the content consumption and sharing industry. As such, of course, there are many reasons why people would want to download videos from Facebook. From ads to comments, Facebook video downloaders can help you download FB videos online for many reasons. For our recommendations, if you are someone who is looking for a simple Facebook video downloader online tool, we recommend using FDownloader. 

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