What is Break Fix Service Digitization? [Data Collection]

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How data collection and automation are changing the field services industry

Even though the Covid pandemic upset the manufacturing business, it also paralyzed some huge changes that service providers accept will have a long-term and positive effect.

Do you think the pandemic has changed production? What changes stay here?


The pandemic genuinely challenged the resilience of the manufacturing and logistics fields. The individuals who had the option to embrace rapidly and change their processes rapidly, truly succeeded.

Amazon and other “big five” organizations were becoming super quick, while medium-sized organizations at the time were truly confronting difficulties, for example, work accessibility and adaptability, and they were struggling. You may think that small companies should adapt quicker, but since of the significance of digitization, data, and AI, large ones – with their current infrastructure – have had the option to adapt to changing conditions far better than small ones.

Also, after a pandemic, trading will be a lot quicker and simpler. Furthermore, truly, when trading turns out to be quicker and simpler, it changes human progress. We are not yet toward the end of the pandemic, so it is not yet clear.


For all organizations, not simply the manufacturing business, dependence on video conferencing will likely proceed. For instance, if you have customers that we work with within other countries and arriving to meet up close and personal will be a battle in this pandemic conditions, something that requires week after week or month to month planning.

Also, presently we are recently setting up video calls, and we trying to have preferable discussions over before when we depend on messages. In this way, communication has improved somehow (with social distancing).


We have at last arrived at where digitization technology has been demonstrated.  Even CEOs are saying –  ‘We figured it would require four or five years to digitize things. It was done in five weeks. ‘So that is a major part of it.

Concerning manufacturing, about the idea of controller and monitoring – in the pre-pandemic times, production lines used to think that  – “We need individuals on-site.”

But for as long as nine months, they have been using digital data to monitor the infrastructure. Individuals acknowledged that.

With regards to production planning and coordination, if we take a look at a portion of the large players like Procter and Gamble, there were where individuals didn’t accept certain things -because the restaurants weren’t open – so they needed to choose, ‘If I supply this kind of food service, how quick would you be able to switch those operations? ‘

So clients started using advanced analytics data to change starting with one type of manufacturing then onto the next and rapidly without wasting time where they arranged it as far as possible so they could invert their industrial facilities.

Before they were reluctant to do it just as quickly, presently we have gotten to the heart of the matter (digitization) where it has been demonstrated.

But it takes time:

We’ve all (especially OEMs) experienced this break-fix model before, but now we are seeing an eventual shift toward a more predictable model. This new model lets you know in advance when something will be fixed, so you don’t run it unsuccessfully. Software that allows you to collect data will take a lot of time and effort.

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