What Are The Symptoms Of Autism In Children?

It is not always lack of knowledge that leads us into believing something else. At times, it could be our own preconceived notions that shape our perceptions. Autism is a developmental disorder that fails to be understood by people of the 21st century. Some view it as a disease and some believe that it can be eliminated by using magic. Yes! There are such conservatives who cannot think beyond this.  Several disability support workers have been working to change the false perception.  

Let’s get straight and help you understand the basic symptoms that suggest that your child or someone in your locality could be autistic. If you need more information then feel free to stay in touch with NDIS autism workers. 

 There are three categories in which a child with autism might differ from other children: 

  • Social differences  
  • Behavioral differences  
  • Communication differences  

What symptoms to look for in a child with autism?  

  • Child avoid eye contact  
  • Less responsive especially in terms of smiling and laughing  
  • Socially and emotionally distanced from people and children  
  • Does not utter words until 24 months 
  • Does not communicate  
  • Might show an unusual interest in learning words, puzzles, math sums or songs  
  • Shows obsessive behavior with certain objects 
  • Avoids being expressive when it comes to fear or pain  
  • Might be sensitive to certain smells, sounds or lights  
  • Might display repetitive behaviors like twirling, clapping, blabbing, etc.  

Life Care Solutions has been endlessly rendering services to provide support for kids with disabilities. Our belief is that children with autism are different but they are part of this society henceforth, they deserve equal respect and even more attention from people like us. Rather than showing them pity, if we make an effort to understand them, it will do good to both you and them. The world is in a dire need of empathetic people anyways. Treat children with autism nicely and if you think any child suffering from this disorder is not receiving adequate care then do not refrain from helping him out. Such acts won’t make you less human!

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