The Essential Guide for Traveling Solo in Your Favorite UK City

Searching how to travel solo in London? Or tips for solo travelers traveling to London? Learn to travel Europe with the essential guide for traveling solo in your favorite UK city. Booked a flight from USA to London to travel to your favorite UK city? And looking for the essential trips to solo travel like a pro? Well, then the essential guide for traveling solo in your favorite UK city is here to help. London is not only one of the most popular UK destinations, but it is also among the most charismatic ones. It is a fabulous city offering much to do, see and eat to its visitors. No matter for what reason you are visiting London, this magnificent city has something in store for everybody.

Let’s know the tips and tricks of exploring London as a solo traveler

Things to know while traveling to London

There are a few things that every solo traveler must keep in mind to enjoy smooth sailing around London city.

Stronger Currency

The Great British Pounds used as currency in England and its surrounding countries is a stronger currency than US dollars. So, if you are in the misconception of using Euros as a currency that is widely accepted in Europe, then you must go through your traveling budget once again.

Use public transportation

Taking a taxi to travel everywhere is fine if you don’t have a budget to adhere to. But most solo travelers travel on a budget and thus it becomes important to use public transportation.
The tube and buses are the best and cost-efficient means of transportation to travel across London.

Download a city map application

There are many applications that you can download to take help to reach from point A to point B. Install one such GPS-enabled application as soon as you reach London.
The city has a complicated traveling system that can be overwhelming to understand for its visitors. These applications not only help you to reach from one point to another but also suggests the modes of transportation along with the prices charged.

Carry universal adapters

If you don’t want to outrun your device’s battery and not being able to charge it further, then carrying a universal adapter to London is very important. Without a universal adapter, your straightening iron or curling iron will be of no use in London city.
Unique assent
Though people in London communicate through the English language only, there is a charm in their unique assent. Make sure to learn the often used words in UK’s assent to avoid communication problems. Like lift is a reference for an elevator, and rubbish is used to refer to trash.

Things to remember as a solo traveler in London

Taking precautions is always better than cure and thus being precarious during your London solo trip is necessary.

Provide your travel details

Share your London travel itinerary with a friend and family member you trust to help them keep a check on you. Make a communicating routine like calling or mailing them in every two days to let them know of your well-being. This way, if you encounter any difficulty during your trip, this person will be able to help you.

Always provide them details of any of your bank accounts, as getting short of money is a common problem among travelers. Thus, if you run out of money or get robbed, they can send you more money and help you out. Book a Flight from London to USA at a cheap price.

Check the neighborhood before booking a stay

Checking the hotel/dorm neighborhood crime rate before booking a room is a necessary step. Hotels with a not-safe neighborhood provide cheap deals to attract more tourists. But book a safe one even if it goes hard on your pocket as your safety is your first priority.
Also, if you feel unsafe while walking down a road, just order a black taxi ride for yourself. These taxis are known to provide the safest rides along with the most economical prices.

Don’t use money belts

Wearing a money belt is like yelling at robbers that I am a tourist with a lot of money craving for your attention. Avoid wearing too many accessories or any such thing that will attract the robbers’ attention towards you.

Try to blend in

The best way to stay safe in London or any other city in the world is to dress like a local. If you are planning to wear a cowboy hat and an “I love USA” tee while walking down the roads of London, then you will surely grab the interest of thieves and robbers.

Take the money you need for the day

The most important thing to remember while leaving your hotel/dorm is to take only the amount you will be needing for the rest of the day. Never carry all of your money and cards with you while exploring London city.

Thus, if you end up getting robbed after all the precautions, you will bear a minimal loss. And the rest of your London solo travel plan won’t get affected by it.

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