Apps to Have to Reduce Your Screen Time

Technology is one of the best inventions of all time. However, electronic gadgets not only distract us but cause damage to the naked eye. As a result, several people tend to waste hours on their electronic devices instead of doing productive work. This has led to a chronic decrease in the efficiency of the population. However, these days numerous applications have been designed that aim to reduce the screen time of your devices.

What is An Aruba Certification Certificate?

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has announced that Aruba ClearPass has obtained the Certificate of General Access to Network Access (NAC) Solution General Access Certificate, with both Device Network Device Partnership Protection and the Extended Server2 Authentication Package. . The company said this is the first certification of its kind and that ClearPass is the first solution for the NAC cybersecurity industry to obtain a certificate as a certification server.