How To Remove Ugly Scratches From Wooden Furniture

4 Easy Ways to Remove Ugly Scratches From Wood Furniture:

If you still have your old furniture and want to make it look new without spending a single coin then you came to the right place. You don’t have to call any professional to take care of your old furniture because we are here with 4 different and most unique ideas you can use to take care of these ugly scratches on your wooden furniture. 

All these 4 unique ideas will use items from your house to fulfil the need of repairing your furniture. Not only you will repair the surface of your furniture it will also help you fix the scratches on wooden furniture. Get ready because we are going to fix your furniture scratches in no time!


Crayons are the easiest and effective way to repair your furniture. It is the most instant way of doing the job. All you have to do is find crayons matching to your furniture colour and start filling rubbing the crayons on it, you will see that the scratch gap is starting to disappear. It won’t cost you any money but be advised to tell your kids before stealing their crayons! Otherwise, you have to pay for the prize. 

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish is also the most convenient way to repair wood furniture. Depending on the colour of your furniture choose the shoe polish according to it and with a help of a brush start refreshing your furniture. It won’t last a lifetime but it is the easiest way to do it. You have to renew it frequently. Again it won’t cost you any money as you already will have your shoe polish but it may finish the shoe polish pretty soon if you use it more often to polish your furniture.

Oil Paint 

Choose oil paint but choose wisely because it could go wrong. Choose the closest oil colour  that matches your furniture’s colour. Carefully apply coating it on the furniture and use a fine brush to fill the scratches. Use a small amount of paint each time otherwise you might make the scratch look prominent. And you don’t have to do that!

Charcoal Powder 

Charcoal can be used for this purpose as well. All you have to do is make charcoal powder and add some water to make a paste-like substance. Take that paste-like substance and start filing the scratches, but be sure it doesn’t look prominent. It can be used on black coloured furniture easily, use a cotton swab to make it more efficient. 

Although all the above methods are tested before you have to make sure not to ruin the process by overdoing anything. Try to be gentle and you will get the best results.

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