How Do I Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

Removing eyelash extensions at home is actually pretty easy. The most difficult part may be deciding which products to use, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. I’m going to give you a few tips that will help you learn how to remove eyelash extensions at home and make your process less stressful.

Using Different Products:

There are many different products out there to help remove your extensions. The first thing you should do is take a trip down to your local beauty supply store and stock up on products. You want to have a variety of products so you can remove your different extensions and have a supply of products in your home. Removing eyelash extensions at home doesn’t have to be expensive.

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to learn how to remove eyelash extensions at home. Start by soaking your eyelashes in warm water and then starting at the bottom. Gently pull each strand until you see the bottom of your natural eyelash. You don’t want to pull too hard or your extensions will be very noticeable. Once you’ve pulled them all the way down, gently brush your brush through your extensions.

Next Step Of Removing Them At Home:

Now we go on to the next step of removing them at home. Soaking again your extensions in warm water and applying the heat to them. Now take a pair of tweezers and gently brush the extension hair out. Don’t worry about getting every last strand out. Once you have weeded out all your extensions, rinse your face with cold water and apply aloe vera or any moisturizer that you prefer to keep your skin nice and moist. To remove dead skin cells, exfoliate your face and apply a toner.

Now we come to the second part of learning how to take off eyelash extensions at home. How to remove eyelash glue that stuck to your extensions. You need to use some pliers to grasp the end of the glue and slowly pull it off. After you’ve removed all the glue, re-apply your extensions as they should look lovely.

Your Natural Eyelashes:

Next comes the problem of attaching the extensions to your natural eyelashes. One thing to make sure is that you only use natural looking extensions. You can use fake eyelashes that look natural or you can go natural using clip-on extensions. This all depends on your own personal preference.

Once the extensions are attached, remove them carefully by running your fingers through the hair and then use tweezers to pull them away from your eyes. Then you need to take your tweezers and start lifting the extension downwards. The tweezers are designed to be used in one continuous motion so don’t strain when doing this. This process may take you some time but I would suggest that you don’t skip a step. If you do, you’ll regret it as your eyelash extensions will no longer look natural.

Always Apply A Good Quality Eyelash:

Follow these steps carefully and take care not to get any glue on your eyes. Don’t apply too much pressure when trying to remove eyelash extensions. And always apply a good quality eyelash mascara to keep your lashes looking beautiful. And the final tip, relax and have fun! That’s it, how do I remove eyelash extensions at home. But before you start thinking about having your extensions removed.

why not just have a little vanity massage? You could also use a special eye serum to moisturize and condition your skin. Why remove eyelash extensions at home when you can go to a salon and have them done? Well for one, they cost a lot more. Plus, there is always the chance that something might go wrong with the procedure. Salons are known to use Botox and other chemicals which can cause major side effects like bruising, irritation and even damage to your vision.


And besides, you never know, you may not like the results anyway. How do I remove eyelash extensions at home has been answered. Now all you need is some confidence. You can take that first step, relax and let nature take its course. And after a few weeks, you will be surprised how pretty and easy the procedure was! Just wait and see.

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