Guide in Setting Up Commercial Schools in Singapore

There are many existing businesses in Singapore since it is one of the best places to conduct business in. It has a set of policies and regulations that makes it easy for any business entity to set up and expand here. That is why it remains one of the most favorite places for big and small businesses to operate. Currently, it houses the biggest and most established companies in the world. These businesses come from different sectors. They have chosen this country since it is convenient to incorporate company in Singapore compared to the neighboring countries. These corporations come from engineering, mining, healthcare, foods and beverages, and even the education sector.

Singapore is one of the richest countries not just in Asia but also in the world. Therefore, it has one of the most comprehensive and top educational systems. It plays one of the most important roles in the growth of the Singaporean economy as it serves as one of the pillars of the strong economic conditions in Singapore. As of today, there are over 1,200 private institutions in Singapore. These entities have gone through the company formation Singapore processes to be able to operate legally.

Even if the educational sector of Singapore is already relatively established, there are still many individuals that want to penetrate this side of the market as it possesses great potential. The education sector is also one of the things that would always have a market since education is a necessity. So, in this article, we will talk about some tips when you want to build a commercial school in Singapore.

How to set up

Plan everything

Before you process the company formation Singapore requirements and process, make sure that you have understood the industry that you are getting in. There are various laws and regulations that can affect the structure and operation systems of your business. When you incorporate company in Singapore, there are many documents that must be prepared as well. That is why it is advisable that you have read and understood everything.

Planning your potential business before you incorporate company in Singapore includes researching the market that you are getting into. This means that you should know the demographics of the market that you want to target. You also have to identify smart and practical locations for your business. Planning also includes listing down what you would require from your staff and employees. Planning and listing down things that you need is one of the most vital parts or step in the company formation Singapore process. This way you wouldn’t blindly make decisions along the way. This plan would be able to guide you in making smart decisions that are in line with what you would like your business to be.


When you have already decided on your plan, you can now incorporate a company in Singapore. As mentioned above, Singapore has one of the easiest policies when it comes to business transactions. That is why it is relatively easy to do the company formation Singapore procedure. When you want to incorporate a company in Singapore, you have to prepare the necessary documents so that it wouldn’t take you too long.

First, you will have to check the ACRA website if the company name that you are eyeing is still available. Singapore requires businesses to have unique names for easier tracking. You will also have to prepare an office address for you to qualify to incorporate a company in Singapore. After the incorporation, you cannot proceed with the other things that you have to repair.

Prepare for Smooth Operations

Preparing for smooth operations during the company formation Singapore process means that you have to revisit your checklist. Aside from getting the necessary steps that you need, you also have to make sure that you already have the necessary equipment for the operations of the commercial school. This is important since you will be dealing with academics. Making sure that you passed the standards and qualifications for an academic institution in Singapore is one of the things that you have to note.

Get Accreditations

Getting accreditations after you incorporate company in Singapore is important because this boosts and builds credibility. Singaporean take the education sector seriously, that is why they only engage with academic institutions that are credible enough to provide them with high-quality education. So, important to get the necessary licenses for you to be able to operate your business legally and without problems.

Need help?

If you are new to the education sector, you can hire external help to guide you when you incorporate company in Singapore. There are many service providers that can help you finish the company formation Singapore process without issues. WLP Group is one of the most efficient and affordable service providers. Check out our page today and book our services.

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