ElcomSoft Phone Breaker: A New Golden Age for Forensic Investigations!

When cyber-crime investigators need to get into a secured Apple, Blackberry, or Windows mobile device, ElcomSoft Phone Breaker enables swift access to crucial investigative data within minutes. ElcomSoft’s advanced mobile forensic tool easily extracts and decrypts any suspect’s data, including cached passwords and synced authentication credentials from a wide range of resources including local and cloud backups.

In its newest version, ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.70 includes features such as enhanced authentication into Microsoft accounts, giving cyber-crime investigators access to advanced integrated tools for mobile forensic analysis. It can can now download recent files from OneDrive and obtain additional data from Microsoft accounts like apps or services timelines.

Mobile devices utilizing two-factor authentication are similarly supported. ElcomSoft provides the only forensic solution available on the market to provide access to iCloud backups on iPad or iPhone devices running any version of iOS.

Other enhancements included in the most recent version of ElcomSoft Phone Breaker are the abilities to extract Skype data. Obtained directly from a user’s own Microsoft account, Skype conversation histories, messages, media files, contact lists, and metadata are all easily retrieved from a secure device within minutes, leading to quicker tracking a suspect’s actions and, ultimately, a target’s acquisition.

ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.70 is capable of downloading files directly from a user’s OneDrive storage. These cloud drives often include protected files where a user might well keep the most sensitive data. EPB can obtain metadata from recently deleted files, providing beneficial leads to investigators. It gives the ability to retrieve a user’s launched applications, search history, and visited webpages via Windows 10 Timeline data, which was synchronized to the cloud.

Truly, a New Golden Age for Cyber-crime Investigators!

With the ability to retrieve a complete set of data from multiple cloud services, ElcomSoft Phone Breaker’s support for criminal investigations can hardly be overestimated. Its advanced functionality opens up new opportunities for forensic experts. Visit https://www.elcomsoft.com/eppb.html for your free trial version and check out the invaluable features of the new ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.70.

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