Covid 19 Pandemic- Home Entertainment 2021 Trending


As we know we are facing a covid19 pandemic for almost 14 months. Due to this pandemic we are stuck in our homes and can not go outside. There is a strict lockdown everywhere. The world is stopped because of this people become too bored and depressed because no one goes anywhere for any activity. So people discover their entertainment at home like some people develop the habit of reading, gardening, and home decoration. Some people show interest in mobile games and social media. In short, people entertained themselves by participating in different activities.

Mobile games:

Due to the pandemic people who are stuck at home want to entertain themselves so some people show their interest towards the mobile games. They install different games and play for many hours. Every type of aged person includes in installing games but mostly from 15 to 22 age people install games mostly. Many games develop during a pandemic just because people show interest in it. Gaming companies gain profit just because of this pandemic because the install rate increases.  The games which are mostly played by people during a pandemic are PUBG Mobile, Ludo, sleeping queen, Temple run, and subway surf. Many issues are also created by people on side effects of gaming but people continue their entertainment by playing games.

Social Media:

Social media is a great entertaining factor for people during a pandemic. Many people who are not on social media before creating their social media account during pandemic just pass time and entertain themselves. Different people use different social media applications. Every Application has its entertaining factor. It is up to the person who uses which application for its entertainment. Many social media applications used by people during this pandemic like Facebook. Instagram, Youtube, Whats app, Twitter, and Snapchat. Even many people create youtube channels to entertain people and people spend their most time on YouTube by watching video trending movies and dramas, using Instagram, Facebook, and what’s the app for sharing memes and chat.

Book Reading:

Some people used to read the book But have no time due to their busy routine. But they are always searching for free time to read a book or some people manage time and read the book daily. During a pandemic when they have nothing to do they enjoy themselves by reading a book, reading online, or by ordering books from online stores because they can’t visit the market to buy a book.

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Some people love nature. They are always attracted by nature and want to spend most of their time near nature in gardens or parks, But have no time to spend because of a busy routine. So during pandemics, they have a lot of time to spend time near nature. People who have gardens in their house have a place to grow different plants. They care for plants and spend most of their time in the gardens. In this way, they entertain themselves. But those who do not have enough space to grow many plants grow the potted plants in their houses. In short, people who love nature have many ways to entertain themselves.

Home decoration:

Every person who loves his home always wants its home to look different, beautiful, decent, and peaceful so they always seek for it how to decorate their houses quickly. During pandemics, they have a lot of time for this. They prepare many home decorating items by themselves using common things present at home, no need to go outside.  They spend most of their time on YouTube watching home decorating tutorials then making these things for their house. They are always passionate about making their house peaceful and beautiful. This is the type of entertainment for them because they are very passionate about work.

Cooking skills:

Some people love it or some people love to cook. A person who is passionate about cooking and gets a lot of free time will spend most of his time improving his cooking skill, trying new recipes and always seeking for better. For cooking lovers, it is entertaining to learn about cooking. There are many many YouTube channels and websites to help them.

Fashion Designing:

Nowadays everyone follows the fashion trend. Some people love to design different things like dresses, bags, shoes or other things. Everything now is designed by the designer differently. Some people just for themselves or family but some become professional writers who want to develop their work on a wide range. They become a professional designer by practice and during the pandemic, they have a lot of time to improve their skills by practice. This is very beneficial for them because if they become professionals they can earn because fashion designers are very demanding nowadays.

Online courses:

A person who is always seeking new things but busy in their jobs, or studies during a pandemic has a lot of time to learn new things. Many people take online courses for this purpose. For learners, this is the type of entertainment.

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