Children’s Day Gift Ideas to Please Your Kid

On 14 November every year we celebrate this day as Children’s Day.

It is the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. He is our first prime minister of independent India. He is also known as Chacha Nehru. After his death in 1964, his birthday was declared and celebrated as Children’s Day. On 14 November every school celebrates Children’s day. If you want to surprise your kids with some lovely small gifts which make them happy. But we know shopping for kids is always hard, and when you want to give them something unique. So we are having a few thoughtful gift ideas that you can buy for your kids as children’s day gifts.

  • Cute Piggy Bank

A Cute piggy bank will be a great gift for your kid as children’s day gifts. With this cute piggy bank you can teach your kids how to save money and how to use the money. It is a traditional gift but on the other hand it will be perfect gifts for the kids who are going to get their first pocket money. You can show your kid how to put money in the piggy bank and how to use it and also you will specify the benefit of the pizzy bank which they can use in the future.

  • Books

If you want to give some knowledgeable gift to their kids then you can give them some fun picture book or a light storybook and it will be a great Children’s Day gift for preschoolers. You need to choose some books which have attractive pictures, fun characters, and a simple story. If the book is having some moral value story then it will be a great learning gift for your kids. You can easily buy Story books or fun pictures books for your kids from online gifting shops like Indiagift. They have huge varieties of books; you just need to order gifts for children. They will deliver the children’s day gifts on time.

  • Box of Chocolates

Every child loves to eat chocolates and if you are planning to give some milk chocolates to your kids on children’s day then it will be a safer option and kids will surely like the gift. You can buy some nice and pleasant online chocolate boxes for Indiagift portal. If you are worried about the sugar intake of the kids, then go for a smaller box tied with a pretty, colourful ribbon. This way you can allow them to eat chocolate only for this day and for other days of the year you can make sure they will eat healthy food.

  • Princess Dolls

Every girl wants to be like a princess for some certain age. It will be great if you buy gifts for daughters or girls kids a pretty princess doll as a children’s day gift.  You can go with the princess Barbie dolls like Elsa from Frozen or Cinderella or Rapunzel from Tangled. Princess dolls are guaranteed to make little girls shriek with joy.

Nowadays it is very easy to send children’s day gifts to your kids. You will get a huge range of children’s days online. Make your kids’ children’s day happy and joyful by giving some amazing children’s day gifts to them.


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