Break-Fix vs Managed Services: Which One to Choose?

Today and at this age, practically all organizations are subject to PC technology, and many are presently reliant upon technologies, for example, cloud computing. Consider how much easier things like cloud storage make it possible to share files with a whole organization.

Every one of the advantages of PC technologies also accompanies a list of disadvantages; for example, skill sets and the cost of skill sets are at the first place on the list. With so many technology choices, layered with the need to protect your data, ordinarily, you can’t depend on your expertise to analyze PC issues. This implies that you need to depend on the internal skills of your technology department or external technology support providers.

These third-party technology support providers often work under either a break-fix model or a managed IT service model. If your PC needs have grown so complex that they need external service providers, which model would it be a good fit for you to pick?

Here, security-boulevard covered what each model is, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

What are Break-Fix Services?

First, there is the old break-fix model and then the new model.

The old model methodology works a ton like a vehicle carport. You recognize a need or issue and recruit somebody once to address it.

Suppose you purchase a few new PCs for your business. You find that you can’t get them to connect with your wireless network.

This could be an issue with the settings on the PCs, the network configuration, or the network equipment. For instance, your network switch may just help a specific number of connections.

If a small essential examination on the web doesn’t help, you probably call a PC fix service. They will send a break-fix specialist to make fixes or potentially suggest new equipment that will fix the issue.

You will get an invoice by post for the service call. These generally incorporate hourly pricing for the break-fix service technician, alongside payment for any new equipment they provide. That is the conclusion of the friendship between you and the break-fix service provider.


The break-fix maintenance model offers several benefits. It’s a good model for things you expect, there may be one-time issues, such as setting up configurations for new equipment.

It can also show savings for organizations with basic IT needs. For instance, if your essential IT needs include hosting a site and keeping your PCs online, it is far-fetched that you will face many complicated IT issues. Paying money just when you need break-fix support may save you some amount.


This break-fix model has some reasonable pitfalls. It can cost you much more if you use a more complex IT infrastructure that deals with regular issues.

For instance, assume you keep a real-time inventory system connected to your store on your site. Suppose you use third-party transmitters, yet you store client information in-house.

A lot of things can turn out badly in such a system.  It can take a long time for a break-fix professional to discover the issue and you will pay on an hourly basis.

Any prevention is also avoided. The professional won’t tell you how to keep away from the issue, however, will fix them. So regardless of whether they know something may go wrong, they don’t tell you.

You also need to manage downtime related to IT issues. A break-fix specialist with no experience in your specific system will take more time to fix than an individual who knows about it.

What are Managed IT Services?

The newer model; The managed IT service model adopts a different strategy.

Managed service providers are focused on early recognition and prevention. They can also provide monitoring of your whole network. They are also acclimated with installing fundamental security updates when they are free.

You generally gain access to a helpline or on-site support if necessary. You also will use service specialists that you may not get. You can go to the workplace to discover a tech waiting with a part, ready to install it and reuse the hardware. Tracking, recognizing broken issues, opened a ticket, notified a delegate, and dispatched everything while your organization was at home at last.

Most managed service organizations will offer a range of packages or custom service packages that suit various organizations. For instance, a small accounting firm won’t need every one of its bells and whistles of IT support at the enterprise level. Be that as it may, an enterprise-level business will probably require everything from cloud computing support to data backup and security.

Plus points

Managed IT services also have upsides and downsides, even though they are generally service experts. Expert support is in the first place on the list.

For instance, there are right now a couple of service providers in the security business. This implies that they have considerable compensation. While you might not have the budget to keep one on staff, managed service organizations will find the money.

You additionally get every one of the advantages of discovery and prevention services as well as network monitoring. Managed services try to detect issues before they grow into a total emergency.

Another option is as opposed to considering how much your PC fixes will cost you, you pay a flat rate every month.

The minus points

One thing a few organizations see as a drawback is an agreement that most managed service providers require. You have an agreement with that service provider for at least a year or two, regardless of whether you like the support or not.

Ordinarily, the agreement benefits you, as much it benefits the business. The agreement indicates what the organization needs to do, when, and generally includes clauses for what happens that it fails.

A few organizations are also worried that using managed service providers will make them fail to keep a grip on their network or data. There is a small truth to this concern, however, close to using a one-time PC fix service. Regardless, you should provide third-party wholesale access to your system.

Here we help you with the right balance of Break-Fix vs Managed Services!

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