Be Careful When Moving Your Computer!

Things to do before moving

With the move, the internet connection environment will change and the electric capacity of the property will also change. Here are three things you should do in advance when you move.

  1. Let’s proceed with the procedure of the provider and the line with a margin

To connect to the Internet, you need to contract with a “provider” and a “line carrier”.

Provider is
an abbreviation of ISP (Internet Service Provider), and is a company that provides services related to Internet connection such as issuing IP addresses to users such as @nifty and BIGLOBE.

A line carrier is
a company that provides wired connections such as CATV and optical fiber, and wireless connections such as WiMAX and LTE. Some companies, such as Yahoo! BB and NURO Hikari, provide line and connection services in an integrated manner.

In new condominiums, many properties have an optical cable as an internet line. However, if the property does not support the line and you need to pull in the cable individually, the construction cost will be borne by you and the construction period may be longer.

In addition, in the case of an apartment house, permission from the landlord or management association is required to connect to the internet. Know in advance the line compatibility status of the property you are moving to, and consider the procedure as soon as possible.

  1. Be sure to back up your data

Again, personal computers are vulnerable to vibration and shock. Whether you carry it yourself or leave it to a moving company, make a backup (copy of the data) to protect your important data on your computer.

If you want to back up the entire data on your computer, the amount of data will be large. It is recommended to use an item called an external HDD that specializes in storing large amounts of data.

For small-scale backups such as “I want to save only some data, not all data” and “the amount of data is not so large”, data is stored in a USB memory, DVD / Blu-ray Disc, or a data server on the Internet. You may also use online storage to store your DVD.

  1. Clean your computer if possible

A computer that is vulnerable to dust may catch fire due to overcurrent. Dust may adhere to the inside of your computer or the jack of your outlet while you are moving, causing a short circuit the moment you connect to your new house.

To protect your precious computer, it is safe to clean it before moving.

Precautions regarding how to carry and pack your computer when moving

Whether you carry it yourself or ask a moving company, packaging is important to avoid damaging your computer. Here are some things to keep in mind when packing your computer.

Reduce the risk of damage with strict packaging

The best packing material for personal computers is the manufacturer’s box that was packed at the time of purchase. If you do not have a box at the time of purchase, it is recommended to use a cardboard box that is about 10 cm larger than your computer.

When packing, pack the box with cushioning material and be careful not to touch the inside of the box directly with the computer. Then, seal the computer so that it will not shake significantly even if the box is shaken. Bubble wrap is recommended as the cushioning material, but newspapers, blankets, towels, etc. can be used instead.

In any case, pack your computer by itself so that it does not come in contact with other packages.

Also, some moving companies can take care of packing precision equipment such as personal computers. It’s a good idea to check when making a quote.

Let’s clearly indicate that a computer is in the box or cardboard

On the day of the move, something is fluttering. It is also important to be able to tell at a glance that the computer is in the box so that loading and unloading work can proceed smoothly.

Just as you write “Caution for cracks” on the box that packs tableware and lighting, write “PC is in the box” on the box that contains the computer.

Whether you carry it yourself or ask a moving company, you will have to stack the fragile items on the bottom and the fragile items on the top.

Especially when asking a moving company, it is safe to give a verbal warning to a computer that is easily damaged, in consideration of encouraging consideration to prevent the load from collapsing.

Let’s consider a specialized courier service that safely carries only a personal computer

No matter how careful you are in packing your computer, there is a considerable risk of shipping a fragile computer at the same time as other packages. If you want a safer delivery method, you should use a specialized courier service that carries only your computer.

With the specialized courier service, you don’t have to pack it yourself. Using special packing materials and cushioning materials, the vendor will safely pack and deliver.

If you use a company that specializes in delivering PCs, you can avoid troubles.

Carry your laptop yourself

For laptops, portable laptop cases and special bags are on sale. It’s a good idea to put them in them and carry them with your own hands.

If you ask a vendor, let’s leave the peripherals to you

Not only the PC itself, but also printers, cables, keyboards, etc. need to be handled with care. When requesting a moving company or a specialized company, it is convenient to pack and transport these peripherals together.

What to do after moving

In order to use the Internet in your new home, you may need to open a line or reconfigure your provider.
Let’s proceed with the following measures according to your contract status.

Have the internet line open

When making a wired connection such as CATV or optical cable, it may be necessary to open the room from the outside to the inside.

This is a case-by-case basis, and if the line you want to use has already been pulled into the property and a LAN outlet is installed, no construction is required.

On the other hand, in the case of a newly built detached house, construction is required.
If you are renting, check with the management company to see if the line is available when you move.

Whether you own a house or rent it, you will be responsible for the cost of opening the house. As mentioned earlier, it is also important to note that you need to get permission from the landlord or management company when renting.

Depending on the reservation status, the opening work may be waiting in line, and in some cases it may take more than a month from the request to the completion of the work, and basically the requester’s presence is required during the work.

If you request during the busy season of moving or if you want to use the Internet immediately after moving, please check and request as soon as possible.

Connect your computer to the modem and test the connection

A connection test is mandatory after the opening work. Check the operation of devices such as cable modems for CATV lines and ONUs (optical network units) and home gateways (Wi-Fi routers) for optical fibers.

At this time, if the provider contract has expired or if you are continuing a service that does not match the line, you will not be able to connect to the Internet. Check if the line you are using matches the contents of your provider contract.

For wireless connection, connect a Wi-Fi router

In the case of a wired connection, the modem or ONU is connected to the computer with a LAN cable, but if the distance is too long or you want to connect multiple terminals at the same time, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi router.

If you connect the modem / ONU and the router by wire and the router works without any problem, you can connect wirelessly within the range of radio waves. Various products are sold for Wi-Fi routers, but depending on the service, only your own router can be used.

If you use a company-specific router, it is usually rented, but it is safe to check whether this rental fee is included in the service usage fee.

If you change the provider, you need to reconfigure

When switching providers, initial settings such as obtaining the IP address required for Internet connection are required even if the line is open.

At this time, if the contract with the provider you were using before moving is still in progress, you will have a double contract and you will be charged a monthly fee even though you are not using it. Don’t forget to cancel the contract for the old service.

At this time, a penalty may be incurred depending on the contract period, so it is recommended that you check the contract information before considering a transfer.


What if I ask a moving company to deliver and my computer breaks?

Even with the utmost care, the risk of computer damage during delivery cannot be eliminated. In the worst case, keep in mind what to do if it breaks.

Internal failures are rarely compensated

If your computer is damaged during delivery, the coverage and compensation range will differ depending on the moving company. Compensation may be available for any visibly obvious damage caused by the mover’s negligence.

However, in the case of internal failure due to vibration such as HDD and CPU cooler, it is often out of the scope of compensation. Check the coverage of the moving company you use in advance.

Basically, data corruption is the responsibility of the client, and repair costs are the responsibility of the client.
Be sure to back up important data in advance.

What if I buy a new computer when I move?

How to dispose of a new computer?

Personal computers are obliged to be collected and recycled by manufacturers by a law commonly called the “PC Recycling Law / Effective Utilization of Resources Law”.

Even if you throw away a damaged computer, the local government cannot dispose of it due to oversized garbage, so proceed with the collection / recycling procedure from the website of the computer manufacturer.

Also, some manufacturers offer trade-in services. In this case, you can have the damaged computer picked up and buy a new one at a low price.


Precautions when disposing of a computer or taking it out as a trade-in

If you dispose of a computer that you no longer use or take it out as a trade-in, it may lead to unexpected information leakage. Please take note of the following points.

Be sure to save the data

First, save and migrate the necessary data. For this, refer to ” 2. Make sure to back up your data ” in “What to do before moving” on this page .
In addition, you can also use data migration software to transfer the data to a new computer as it is.

Be sure to erase the data

Simply emptying the Trash or initializing your computer will not completely erase your data. Be sure to use data erasing software to completely erase the data.
If it is difficult to do it yourself, the person in charge of the manufacturer may delete it, so it is a good idea to check it when requesting disposal or trade-in.

What if I can’t retrieve the data because the computer doesn’t start?

In this case, you need to remove the HDD from your computer. Store the removed HDD as it is, or physically destroy it if it is not needed and dispose of it.

If it is only HDD, it may be disposed of by the local government, so it is good to check in advance.
If it is difficult to remove the HDD by yourself, please consult with the person in charge of the manufacturer.

When you move, you will have to carry various cracks and precision equipment at the same time, but you need to be especially careful with your computer. Consider data corruption and backup at your own risk and pay close attention to it.

In addition, it is important to systematically proceed with the procedures for the Internet connection service before moving, taking into consideration the transfer of providers and line construction.

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