Add Free Protection to your Network and Computer with GlassWire Firewall

GlassWire Firewall is a free software that protects your computer and network from hackers, identity theft, and other malicious attacks. It monitors your network activity and alerts you to any suspicious or dangerous activity. It works like an antivirus, but instead of scanning files and folders, it monitors the internet activity on your machine in real-time.

It’s lightweight and easy to install. The user interface is also intuitive and simple enough for anyone to use GlassWire Firewall without having any previous experience with firewalls or networking.

Personal firewall software is a vital tool for protecting your PC from hackers and cybercriminals. GlassWire is one of the best personal firewalls available today, and it’s free! It’s easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy, and there are no hidden costs or fees.

GlassWire protects your computer by monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic. If it detects anything suspicious, it can alert you immediately so that you can take action right away. That way, if a hacker tries anything on your computer (like sending spam emails), they’ll be caught in the act before they have time to do any real damage.

Its primary feature, a built-in firewall, allows you to monitor applications that connect to the internet and block them if necessary. If you don’t want an app connecting to the Internet for any reason, blocking it will prevent this from happening and protect your privacy. Or, if an application is essential for your use, you can allow those specific applications through GlassWire Firewall, so they work correctly.

Bandwidth monitoring is the practice of keeping track of how much data you use and/or send to your ISP. Your ISP can then use this information for their own benefit. They might sell it to advertisers or even give it away for free. GlassWire’s application blocks bandwidth monitoring by hiding your IP address from the outside world, so this data stays private.

In addition to a clean, intuitive interface that allows you to see what your network is doing at all times, GlassWire also offers notifications about potential threats on your network. These notifications are based on your network activity and can be sent through GlassWire itself or via email for greater convenience.

The point is to protect your data as much as possible from any type of threat so you can enjoy online or offline activity with the peace of mind you deserve. To learn more about the different features and capabilities of GlassWire Firewall, visit The software is free to use. You can choose to pay to remove any advertisements from the application.

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