Google Tricks You Must Try

Everyone knows about Google now let’s learn new tricks about Google which you probably know, few of them listed below I wish you will have fun with it

#1. zerg rush
Just type “zerg rush” in Google search box and see the effects

#2. Do a barrel roll
Type “do a barrel roll” in google search box and see the magic

#3. Google gravity
If you type “Google gravity” in google search and then click on”I am feeling lucky” then you will get definition of gravity

#4. Atari Breakout
Go to Google Image and then type Atari Breakout and see the results Enjoy!

#5. Google sphere
If you type “google sphere” and then click on “I am feeling lucky” see the amazing results image of the google sphere in action.


#6. The loneliest number
Just type “The loneliest number” in google search and you will find answer 1

#7. define:
Type “define:” and then any word to get the meaning of that word

#8. Set timer for to set timer
Just type “set timer for” and then amount of time to set timer

#9. filetype:PPT
Type the PDF or PPT topic which you want to search and then type filetype:PPT to find out desire topics in require format

#10. Putting “..” between two no.
Put ”..” between two numbers to find numbers within the range

#11. You can use Google as a calculator
Type the calculation for solutions Eg. 50+50

#12. Converter
You can use google as a value converter eg. 172 inches to meter

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